(((eTicket Deutschland

(((eTicket Deutschland: ÖPNV digitalisiert die Tarife

Die Teilnehmerversammlung von (((eTicket Deutschland beschloss heute in Köln einstimmig einen wichtigen Baustein für die kommende Vernetzung des...

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New member for working group standardization

Today Mr. Alexander Giemula from the Postdam transport company "Verkehr in Postdam" (ViP) has been appointed to the "working group standardization".

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Start of funding initiative of BMVI

February 1st 2017 was dominated by the kick off event for the research programme "eTicketing and digital network in public transport" by the Federal...

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VDV Core Application specification

Quick start for professionals

Here you find the lastest version of VDV Core Application



Our services

  • Certification

    Central, independent testing and certification of all modules, interfaces, products and solutions that our partners need or develop.

  • Joint buying

    The optimised procurement of system components for chip cards, security components and more creates synergies and economies of scale.

  • Seminars and events

    Our range of seminars on Core Application basics, technology, project management, application management and security management.

Seminars and events

21./22. September 2017 Local Transport Days 2017 Fairs Weiterlesen
27. September 2017 Seminar Tarifmodule nach PKM KA-Seminars Weiterlesen
04. - 06 Oktober 2017 German Mobility Congress 2017 Fairs Weiterlesen
12. October 2017 KA Technology Day KA-Seminars Weiterlesen
20. - 22. November 2017 Hypermotion Fairs Weiterlesen

Who we are, what we do and what motivates us

VDV eTicket Service is an (((eTicket Deutschland partner and service provider for transport providers and authorities. We are responsible for the VDV Core Application, which has been rolled out as the German standard for electronic fare management.

Along with operating the central background systems and providing security management, we offer comprehensive expert seminars and advice on (((eTicket Deutschland. In its role as the company overseeing this major project, VDV eTicket Service’s responsibilities include supporting the VDV smartphone strategy by rolling out IPSI while coordinating the standardisation of NFC and paving the way to its use in public transport in Germany.

Please visit the section about the company for more information about VDV eTicket Service.


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