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IPSI gestartet: RMV und KVB machen den Anfang

Fahrkarten für Köln ab sofort in RMV-App / umgekehrt RMV-Fahrkarten in App der Kölner Verkehrs-Betriebe / Startschuss für eine App für...

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Info-Tag VDV-KA 3.0 Second Date

The demand for places for the info day VDV-KA 3.0 is so huge that there is now an additional date on 27 March 2019.

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Information Day VDV-KA 3.0

The first phase of preparations for VDV-KA 3.0 has been completed. We invite you to be informed about the status of the work.

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VDV Core Application specification

Quick start for professionals

Here you find the lastest version of VDV Core Application



Our services

  • Certification

    Central, independent testing and certification of all modules, interfaces, products and solutions that our partners need or develop.

  • Joint buying

    The optimised procurement of system components for chip cards, security components and more creates synergies and economies of scale.

  • Seminars and events

    Our range of seminars on Core Application basics, technology, project management, application management and security management.

Who we are, what we do and what motivates us

VDV eTicket Service is an (((eTicket Deutschland partner and service provider for transport providers and authorities. We are responsible for the VDV Core Application, which has been rolled out as the German standard for electronic fare management.

Along with operating the central background systems and providing security management, we offer comprehensive expert seminars and advice on (((eTicket Deutschland. In its role as the company overseeing this major project, VDV eTicket Service’s responsibilities include supporting the VDV smartphone strategy by rolling out IPSI while coordinating the standardisation of NFC and paving the way to its use in public transport in Germany.

Please visit the section about the company for more information about VDV eTicket Service.


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