Now online: VDV KA Konfigurator

By publishing the new VDV KA Konfigurator VDV eTicket Service has provided a simple and fast tool for drawing up tender documents.

(((eTicket Deutschland participants now can compile all necessary tender documents with just a few clicks - simple, fast, individual.

People who have dealt with the establishment and procurement of (((eTicket systems know they have to plan much time. Although all relevant information are freely available within the specifications of VDV Kernapplikation, many of them are not necessary for an individual (((eTicket system. The search for your own relevant application can take longer.

VDV eTicket Service now provides a fast shot cut. With the new VDV-KA-Konfigurator you clicking together what you need. In four simple steps you choose your role, the required components, migration scenario and upgradable options. The VDV KA Konfigurator puts together an individual specification sheet which only includes the necassary applications and can be added to the tender documents.

The generated tender specification sheet is always an extract from the current release of the VDV Kernapplikation specifications.

The use of VDV KA Konfigurator is free of charge. Klick here to VDV KA Konfigurator.