Central tariff stop directory in operation

The central tariff stop directory (zTHV) has been put into operation. With the help of the zTHV, uniform tariff stops can now be recorded and maintained throughout Germany.

The (((eTicket-Clearing is currently in the test phase and is expected to be available to all participants of (((eTicket Deutschland in January 2019. Part of the (((eTicket Clearing is the product clearing. Here the price and product calculation is carried out on the basis of timetable information - e.g. from DELFI. The customer then also receives the appropriate price and the correct fare product for his or her travel chain from his or her timetable information.

The information requests from the timetable information systems contain nationwide unique stop identifiers in the form of the DELFI stop ID (DHID). This DHID consists of a character string that can describe a stop right up to the mast. However, for technical reasons, such a character string cannot be stored in the KA location ID and therefore cannot be used for a (((eTicket or in PKM structures. The backdrop to this is the wealth of information that a DHID carries, but which is not required for creating and checking an (((eTicket.

In order to use the uniform stop identifiers from DELFI for clearing, the VDV eTicket Service has extended its background systems by the central tariff stop directory (zTHV). On the basis of the DELFI data record, uniform tariff stops throughout Germany can now be recorded and maintained. In practical terms, this means, for example, that the stops in Cologne Cathedral/Hauptbahnhof and Breslauer Platz (the back of the station building) are two stops according to DHID, but only one in terms of tariffs. In zTHV, this is then only recorded as one tariff stop and made available to product clearing.