German copy protection for mobile phone tickets is the world leader

The German public transport system is quite unique worldwide. For example, passengers do not have to go through barriers to travel by bus or train. This open access poses special challenges for ticket control. In the context of the fast control of mobile phone tickets, the VDV eTicket Service has developed the VDV-Barcode mobile+, which is also technically unique worldwide. This was confirmed in a market analysis by the International Data Corporation (IDC).

Using the smartphone for public transport is becoming more and more popular all over the world. In almost all cases, electronic tickets are purchased via apps, which are displayed and checked as 2D barcodes. In order to prevent barcodes from being copied and to guarantee fast, secure and automated control, VDV eTicket Service (VDV-ETS) has developed the VDV mobile+ barcode. In this context, VDV-ETS has commissioned the International Data Corporation (IDC) with a worldwide status analysis to check whether there are other security technologies for eTickets on the smartphone.

IDC analyzed 184 international transportation companies. Of these, eight transport companies were subsequently identified, representing the wide variety of technological developments. Extensive interviews were conducted with decision-makers from these eight companies in order to clarify how the current status and future development of the electronic ticket are viewed.


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