Out now: VDV-KA-Release 1.7.0

The further development of (((eTicket Deutschland is progressing. Release 1.7.0 of the VDV core application contains two major innovations in particular: (((eTicket-Clearing and the VDV-Barcode mobile+.

With (((eTicket clearing, (((eTicket Deutschland has been extended to include a further important component. Products from foreign tariff regions can now be calculated and billed to the corresponding transport company offering the service.   
eTicket clearing is downward compatible up to VDV-KA version 1.109 and can therefore be used immediately.

Further information on the subject of (((eTicket clearing

The VDV-Barcode mobile+ makes mobile phone tickets more secure. A major disadvantage of the previous VDV barcode was its ability to be copied. A qualitatively secure check is not possible without an additional ID medium.
The most important innovation of the VDV-Barcode mobile+ is a dynamic security element, e.g. a time stamp that is constantly updated. This would make a copied barcode ticket immediately noticeable during checking.

Further information about VDV-Barcode mobile+

Find all specifications of VDV-KA version 1.7.0 in the ASM-Tool.