VDV-Kernapplikation becomes English

Representatives of a total of 425 (((eTicket Deutschland participating transport companies and associations met yesterday, May 15, 2019, in Cologne for their 8th participants' meeting. In addition to the new release of the German eTicket standard, the VDV-Kernapplikation, a resolution was passed on the future language change from German to English.

The 17 proposed technical corrections, improvements and enhancements, which will shortly form Release 1.8.0 of the VDV-Kernapplikation, were unanimously adopted. The extension of the barcode for in/out systems via smartphone is particularly worth mentioning in this bundle of updates or so-called change requests. With these, the passenger checks in independently with a smartphone app as soon as he enters a vehicle and is usually automatically checked out when leaving. For the passenger to have a controllable (((eTicket in such systems, this function had to be added as standard.
The planning to release the VDV-Kernapplikation in English with the next major version change was intensively discussed. After several workshops, expert discussions and surveys in the past year, which should prepare and weigh up this decision from all sides, the participants of (((eTicket Deutschland voted by an overwhelming majority for the conversion of the official specifications to English.
 "We welcome this urgently needed decision by the public transport industry so that future IT projects of transport companies and associations do not fail due to the language barrier," explains Nils Zeino-Mahmalat, Managing Director of VDV eTicket Service. "Our participants hope that this step will not only increase their development capacities with the established manufacturers of public transport distribution systems, but also create new international providers on the German market," Zeino continues. For (((eTicket Deutschland the switch to English means a much more solid basis for international standardisation and more intensive further development for cross-border traffic.
The VDV eTicket Service will in future provide an identical German translation of the most important documents of the VDV-Kernapplikation for work in German working groups, committees and the public transport sector among themselves. Work on the English specification for Release 3.0.0 and a new version for (((eTicket Deutschland) will start this year and will be published successively until 2021.