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To ensure technical security and interoperability, VDV-ETS provides certification of all (((eTicket Deutschland components in cooperation with CTC advanced GmbH’s testing laboratory (formerly CETECOM). With a special focus on terminals, chip cards and background systems, we check the hardware and software purchased by transport providers in a standardised test procedure to assess their ability to use the VDV Core Application correctly. The certification can be deemed as part of the inspection process by the party ordering the device, thereby ensuring that the systems purchased have been supplied in the condition stipulated in the contract.

A selection of the components that the testing laboratory can certify:

  • User media (such as chip cards): User media are the interface between the customer or user and the system. It has to be possible to reliably read and update user media at any terminal while complying with all security processes (authentication and access security).
  • Secure application module (SAM): The SAM is a part of every VDV Core Application acceptance terminal and cryptographically ensures the security of communication between the terminal and user media or between the terminal and background systems.
  • Background systems: The focus here is on the certification of the interface transactions between various (((eTicket systems as defined for the business processes.

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