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To ensure technical security and interoperability, VDV-ETS provides certification of all (((eTicket Deutschland components in cooperation with CTC advanced GmbH’s testing laboratory (formerly CETECOM). With a special focus on terminals, chip cards and background systems, we check the hardware and software purchased by transport providers in a standardised test procedure to assess their ability to use the VDV Core Application correctly. The certification can be deemed as part of the inspection process by the party ordering the device, thereby ensuring that the systems purchased have been supplied in the condition stipulated in the contract.

Why is this good for manufacturers?

First of all, it is of course an effort and perhaps also an inconvenience when someone else puts their own product to the test. But once you have passed the certification, you have an independent confirmation that you have worked cleanly. This saves time during acceptance, prevents discussions and brings with it the security you want for fast and clean order processing. In addition to the certificate as such, it is also included in the official VDV eTicket Service catalogue of certified components. As the standard issuer, we advise our participants to procure only certified components. Of course, the certificate may also be used for your own marketing.  What is certified, how and at what cost - fnd out here.

Why is this important for PTOs and PTAs?

Certification means safety. If only certified system components, also from different manufacturers, are used, then these perform exactly what is required in the VDV core application. For purchasers and project managers of transport companies and associations, this gives them the security of not getting caught up in long acceptance tests, subsequent improvements and, in the worst case, legal disputes with their suppliers.

They invite tenders for certified components, have the valid certificate submitted to them in their quotation and can be sure that an independent testing laboratory has already tested all the requirements. So if you want to increase functional safety and avoid complexity and incompatibilities, stick to a simple rule:

Procure your (((eTicket components exclusively as certified packages described in the VDV-KA. Our VDV-KA configurator will put together the appropriate specifications for you.

Following components are certified

  • User media (NM, e.g. chip cards): NM are the interfaces of the customer/user to the system and must be able to be read and written reliably at each terminal. At the same time, all security procedures must be observed (authentication/access security).
  • Security module (SAM): The SAM is part of every VDV-KA acceptance terminal and cryptographically secures the communication between terminal and user medium or terminal and background system.
  • Background systems (HGS): Here the focus is on the certification of interface transactions between different (((eTicket systems defined for the business processes.

Product sheet Certification

Note: Requests for review can be sent by e-mail to terminal-testing[at]ctcadvanced.com or directly here.


Your contact at CTCadvanced is: Alexander Schwinn

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