VDV-ETS offers special level 1 SAMs for use in testing that are identical in terms of functionality with the level 3 SAMs necessary for later operational use. All level 1 SAMs contain the same data. They are configured generically and are clones of each other.

As a result, the level 1 SAMs are especially well suited for component testing during the general development of user media or terminals.

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LoadKey tool

Under certain conditions, it may become necessary to retroactively add certain keys to already provided level 2 or level 3 SAMs or remove them at a later date by using cryptograms, which can be loaded to SAMs with the corresponding software and hardware.

The LoadKey tool is VDV-ETS’ way of providing the software necessary for adding cryptograms to a SAM.

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Level 1 user media

A wide range of tests are necessary when developing IT systems. The VDV Core Application is no exception. VDV eTicket Service offers level 1 user media (test chip cards) to support the testing of individual service components, such as terminal applications, during development. These user media can be used as the certified counterpart for the components to be tested.

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eTT makes it possible to test the interface between user media and the secure application module (SAM) with the help of simulated VDV Core Application terminal functions.



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