Transcending boundaries has never been easier

IPSI: one for all

IPSI connects all participating mobile ticketing systems, transforming it into an interface that allows one ticketing system to sell tickets in another system. For their customers, this means that they only need a single ticketing app to stay mobile in other regions and transport networks.

Today, it is possible for customers to use mobile apps installed on their smartphones to buy bus and train tickets in many transport authorities’ networks in Germany. This fast and convenient option guarantees the optimum fare every time and eliminates the need to look for ticket machines and change. But no matter the system, this service ends at the boundaries of the transport provider’s network. Even though it works perfectly in their home regions, customers can no longer take advantage of this alternative in other networks. Instead, they have to install another app on their smartphones that – despite being convenient, secure and fast – can only be used in that particular region. As a result, frequent travellers end up having to install a number of different mobile ticketing apps and register for each one. IPSI makes this problem a thing of the past and connects the mobile apps that passengers know with other mobile ticketing systems.


In the future, companies will have to do an even better job of addressing customers’ needs and adapting to them. As digital, connected assistants, smartphones are increasingly becoming the tool of choice for information, transactions and identification. IPSI supports transport providers and authorities in expanding their range of current apps and offering customers interoperability, making it significantly more attractive to use public transport in different regions while also appealing to occasional users for whom accessing an unfamiliar fare system has so far been too complicated. Connecting to IPSI eliminates the borders between individual transport regions for customers, allowing them to get information and buy tickets in a familiar environment by using their transport provider’s or authority’s app on their smartphone. IPSI makes public transport more accessible and attractive for connected passengers, plus it significantly reduces fare evasion and fare avoidance due to confusion over fares and ticket machines in unfamiliar regions.

What it means

In simplified terms, IPSI is a powerful server with the corresponding software that works as a data hub. Transport provider A searches for tickets in the region serviced by transport provider B. IPSI processes the request, looks for the right contact (another background system) and connects the two. A receives a ticket from B and sells it to the customer – reliably and electronically, in no time flat. This service is open to all transport providers. All they need to do is sign an IPSI participation agreement – child’s play, when you consider how much IPSI lets you expand your product portfolio.