(((eTicket project seminar 2019

May 7th 2019

April 6th 2019

Begrenzte Teilnehmerzahl:
20 Personen


Lisa Hintzen
Tel: 0221 716174-118 
Mail: hintzen[at]vdv.de

Over a short seminar day, participants will develop detailed, comprehensive insights into all the important topics around the implementation of (((eTicket Deutschland projects, as well as a well-founded understanding of relevant Core Applications issues as they relate to such projects. The seminar will also explore practice: Potential pitfalls will be discussed with reference to the specific implementation of an (((eTicket Deutschland project.

The participants' specific questions and concerns will be addressed in the course of the seminar, and the informal evening programme will offer an opportunity to meet other participants and speakers in person.


  • The contractual framework: (((eTicket Deutschland agreement, the security management framework agreement, tenders
  • The importance of specifications and the certification of system components for quality of an overall project
  • The system architecture of (((eTicket Deutschland
  • Inclusion of transnport provider and association systems in the common (((eTicket Deutschland infrastructure, and system interfaces
  • The procurement process for security components (keys, certificates, SAMs)
  • Cost and feasibility analysis
  • Three variants of the system and possible migration scenarios
  • Pitfalls in pactice - experience from an (((eTicket project

Target Group:

Project managers and project staff involved in (((eTicket Deutschland projects at transport companies and associations that are planning to implement, or are implementing, an (((eTicket Deutschland system.

Consultants who support transport companies in the implementation process.


Price: 790.00 €

*subject to modifications



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