KA Advanced Module III: XML seminar*

17/18 November 2020

16 October 2020

Begrenzte Teilnehmerzahl:
Min 6, Max 12 Personen


Lisa Hintzen 
Tel: 0221 716174-118 

KA-Advanced Module III: XML seminar

Communication between the individual Core Application System components is achieved by exchanging XML messages through standardised web services. A basic knowledge of XML and WSDL is required to understand this technology. Module III will explore the basic principles of XML, XSD and WSDL, and their interplay, using Core Application use cases.


  • Basics: History and standardisation bodies - Applications area and benefit - XML semantics and syntax - Overview specification of W3C
  • Structure of XML documents: Elements - Attributes - Entities - Commentaries - CDATA-Sections - XML namespaces
  • Data modelling with XML: DTD - XML scheme - valid XML documents
  • Web services: Describing the characteristics: WSDL data exchange format: SOAP - web service as a basis of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

Important notice: the seminar language is German!

Participants are requested to bring a laptop so that they can participate in the practical exercises.

Target group:

Employees of public transport companies who are dealing with the technical realisation of eTicket systems based on VDV Core Application and all related themes.


  • Michael Bauer, IT Consultant and System Development
  • Wilk Hoffmann, IT Consultant and Project Leader KA 3.0

Attention: Minimum number of participants: 6

*This module is part of the Advanced Core Application seminar series but may be booked individually. The Advanced Core Applications seminar series is intended for employees involved in the planning, introduction and implementation of the VDV Core Applications at transport providers and associations (Core Application project staff), as well as consultants and representatives of manufacturers (Core Application product managers) who are invorlved with the VDV Core Application in the (((eTicket-Deutschland enviroment.


In booking

1 module:  1,190.00 €

2 modules: 1,990.00 €

3 modules: 2,690.00 €

Please note: All seminars by VDV eTicket Service are held in German only!

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